Archival Studies 101

At Rose Hill Plantation State Historic Site


Join us on June 26, 2024 for an engaging and informative program as we delve into the archives and artifacts within our collection. Guests will gain a deeper understanding of how we utilize these valuable resources to uncover and tell the stories of individuals who lived and worked at Rose Hill. During the program, we will explore various documents, including labor contracts and personal items from our special collections room, highlighting their significance in reconstructing historical narratives. Additionally, we will demonstrate how tools like assist in our research. This comprehensive exploration will provide guests with a greater appreciation of the meticulous work involved in preserving and interpreting the rich history of Rose Hill.


  • June 26, 2024, 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Registration Deadline

    June 24, 2024

    Meeting Place

    Park Office

    What to Bring

    Comfortable clothing, Bagged lunch, water, paper, and pencil/ pens.

    Event Hours



    $10 per participant