From Seeds to Shillings: Growing Wealth at Charles Towne

The days are getting shorter and colder. The hardwoods are shedding their leaves and the growing season has reached its end. Will Charles Towne survive through the winter? Will there be enough food and resources? Come and see for yourself. This living history event revolves around the daily lives of the first Carolina colonists, focusing on activities that were essential to Charles Towne’s survival and success. Visitors will get a sense of what life was like in the early settlement as they interact with interpreters dressed in period clothing at stations and encampments inside the palisade wall. Experiences include cannon firings, open-hearth cooking (for demonstration purposes only), natural dyeing, colonial games, woodworking, and much more.


  • November 18, 2017, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Event Hours

    11 AM - 4 PM

    What to Bring

    Water, appropiate clothing for weather

    Park Event



    Admission is $10/adult, $6/child, or free with Park Passport Plus