Park Ranger Chris Bowers

Park Service Profiles

Park Ranger Chris Bowers is definitely considered a career park ranger! He began his full time career with the South Carolina State Park Service at Myrtle Beach State Park in 1986 as a park technician. After that, he moved to Baker Creek State Park and then to Huntington Beach State Park, where he has worked as a park ranger for the past 28 years. 

Bowers was born in Bristol, Virginia and moved to Surfside Beach, South Carolina in 1978. He graduated from Socastee High School in 1983. From a young age, he knew he wanted to be a park ranger. On a camping trip with a wilderness group, a park ranger in the Great Smokey Mountains impressed Bowers with his knowledge and respect for the environment and the group of young park visitors. From that experience on, Bowers worked toward his goal of becoming a park ranger. He started working part time with the South Carolina State Park Service at Myrtle Beach State Park earning $4.00 an hour! 

Throughout his career, Bowers has done everything from clean bathrooms to help with Junior Ranger Program and even catch a few alligators! Bowers also served on the Search and Rescue team, the Arborist team and has taught many other park employees First Aid, CPR and AED training over the years. We asked Bowers what he considered to be the most rewarding part of his job and his response was a great one. He said: “I have to say the most satisfying thing I have experienced is helping find lost kids on the park and returning them to their crying mothers’ arms, safe and sound. I have done this many times in my career and that’s pretty cool.” 

Bowers says he would definitely encourage others to become a park ranger. “It is very rewarding and it is a wonderful life. I wish it would never end for me. I think it is very special to be a park ranger.” Thank you, Ranger Bowers, all you do!