Assistant Park Manager Brandon Goff

Park Service Profiles

Brandon Goff grew up in Conway, South Carolina and earned an associate degree in Wildlife Management from  Horry Georgetown Technical College. He is also working toward a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Goff began his career with the South Carolina State Park Service as a park technician in 2005 and is currently Assistant Park Manager at Edisto Beach State Park

Goff knew from a young age he wanted to be a park ranger. He says: “As a child around eight or nine years old, I had my first interaction with a park ranger.  I remember being so impressed by that level of knowledge and passion.  It really did change my life!” Goff started his ranger career at Myrtle Beach State Park, and has gone on to work at Oconee, Table Rock and of course, Edisto Beach. Goff sums up his duties as assistant manager at Edisto Beach in an interesting way. Goff says: “One of my park managers once told me ‘Managing a park is like managing a small town.’  That statement could not be more accurate.  As rangers, we play the role of trash pick-up, tax collector, law enforcement, daycare, wedding  planner, first responder, journalist, city council, and (more often than one would think) therapist.  Park rangers must effectively perform no matter what situations occur on the park.” We asked Goff what he finds most satisfying about his job and he talked to us about his ability as a park ranger to educate and interact with the next generation of stewards, and his responsibility to protect and preserve our resources. 

We always try to ask a few fun questions and Goff did not disappoint! When we asked what his funniest story as a park ranger was, he said: “One that stands out is definitely the time a coworker literally ran out of his shoes when he saw a snake.  One minute he’s standing there talking, and the next, just a pair of shoes and trail of dust.  I still laugh just thinking about it!” We couldn’t get him to divulge a name though! We also asked Goff to name the favorite park he’s worked at. He told us that his favorite park (so far) is Oconee State Park. “I was a brand new ranger, hungry for knowledge and experiences, and Oconee offered both in abundance.”