Golf Cart Policy

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Bringing a golf cart to one of our parks?

  • Personal golf cart use incurs a $5 per night charge based on the length of your stay. Up to two (2) golf carts may be registered with each reserved campsite.
  • When making a reservation, select the number of golf carts you plan to bring. Your golf cart charge will be calculated based on the number of nights of your stay.
  • Call the Reservation Desk for questions or assistance with registering additional golf carts, or watch this video.

More information:

Why is South Carolina State Parks charging a golf cart fee?

Golf carts have become extremely popular in many of our state parks. All motorized vehicles put more stress on our infrastructure and lead to more wear and tear on our roads and approved paths. The new fee functions like any standard user fee, and helps us maintain safe and viable infrastructure. It also empowers us to better manage golf cart users who don’t abide by state law and park guidelines, putting themselves, guests, staff, and park property at risk. The new fee helps us create a safer, more consistent, and more enjoyable environment for everyone. 

Why are people who made reservations before the policy start date not being charged the $5?

Reservations that were made before the new policy went into effect have been grandfathered in, and aren’t required to pay the $5 fee. This exception only applies to a limited number of pre-existing reservations. To implement the policy as fairly and uniformly as possible, we want to give everyone the opportunity to review and agree to the policy at the time of their reservation.

Why is it a per-night charge?

Before rolling out this new policy, we conducted extensive research on best practices at campgrounds around the state and around the country. Most campgrounds charge a nightly fee, allowing everyone an equal opportunity to bring their golf carts whether they stay two nights or two weeks.

Will I be able to do more on my golf cart since I’m being charged?

No. Like all motorized vehicles, golf carts put additional stress on our roads and designated paths, and in many parks, their use requires us to built specific parking areas or other golf cart-specific infrastructure. As golf carts have increased in popularity, it is now past time that we charge a fee to offset that wear and tear, and to support the changes we have to implement to allow golf carts to safely and conveniently operate in our parks for the guests who require or prefer using them. 

Will all South Carolina State Parks charge a golf cart fee?

Yes. This policy will be implemented statewide. 

What if I don’t pay the charge, can I use my golf cart anyway?

No. You will be stopped by park staff. All golf carts used/brought into South Carolina State Parks must display the decal you receive when you pay the golf cart fee.

Does this fee only apply to overnight guests? What about day-use visitors with a golf cart?

Park admission is charged per person per vehicle. If you drive your golf cart into the park, it is considered a vehicle. If your golf cart is trailered into the park, it is considered a recreational use vehicle, and the $5 golf cart fee applies. A golf cart driven into the park only takes up a vehicle parking space. A golf cart that is trailered in takes up more than one parking space.