Scout Carolina Program Overview

The Partnership

The Boy Scouts of America and South Carolina State Parks have worked together and have enjoyed a very strong relationship since the early 20th century when scouts were formed and parks were developed. The new Scout Carolina program formalizes this partnership and provides a way for the participating scouts to be recognized for their accomplishments.

How Do I Earn a Patch?

The Scout Carolina patch is a way the South Carolina State Park Service will be recognizing those boy scout troops and scouts who work to help protect the special places that are state parks. Scouts can only earn the patch by fulfilling the requirements while camping at a park, but may work on it over the course of several camping trips at different state parks. Scouts may also earn the award by completing a Star, Life or Eagle Scout service project at a park. 

Requirements are as follows:

  1. Camp at a state park for two nights where you practice leave no trace camping.
  2. As a troop, participate in a service project at one or more parks while camping there. The project must be approved by a Park Ranger and in order to qualify, each scout who earns the patch should provide at least four hours of service. The project(s) must meet one of the following criteria:
    1. Enhances the scout camping area for future campers
    2. Helps to protect natural or cultural resources of the park
    3. Assists with the conducting of a park program or event
    4. Enhances visitor experience
  3. Interview a Park Ranger about their career as a South Carolina Park Ranger

Once the criteria is met by the scout, the patch may be obtained for a donation of $2 per patch.

Cub Scouts may earn the patch by:
Participating in a scout activity at a state park and using a state park to earn an advancement pin, belt loop or bead. They must also participate in a service project that benefits the state park.

Once the criteria is met by the scout, the patch may be obtained for a donation of $2 per patch.

Scouting Projects

Over the years, scouts have contributed countless hours completing worthwhile projects throughout the South Carolina State Park Service. As scout projects are completed throughout the park service, we will highlight some of them on our scouting projects page. Check out a few recent projects we would like to highlight, and check back as we add new projects to the website.

If you have recently completed a Scout Carolina project at a park, ask the park ranger how you can have your project featured here.

Scout Carolina Activities

Parks are perfect places for scouts of all ages to explore, work on badge requirements, learn, have fun and so much more! Our parks offer activities such as scavenger hunts, orienteering courses, group camping areas, access to outdoor activities such as hiking, canoeing and kayaking, and the list goes on and on.

We have assembled a list of parks and various activities that are perfect for scouts and scouting groups. Check our scout activities page for information on a park near you and activities offered.

For More Information

If you are interested in becoming a scout or joining a troop in your area, visit the Boy Scouts of America website.

For more information on the Scout Carolina Program contact the South Carolina State Park Service via email or phone at 803-734-0156.