Redcliffe Plantation  State Historic Site
181 Redcliffe RD | Beech Island, SC 29842 | Phone: 803-827-1473 |

By The Numbers

Here's a quick, by the numbers view of what Redcliffe Plantation has to offer:

  • 1 historic house museum, the home of James Henry Hammond, three generations of his descendants, and numerous African-American families like the Henleys, Goodwins, & Wigfalls who worked at the site as slaves and later free men and women.
  • 2 historic circa 1857 slave cabins, that are used to interpret the history of generations of families that were enslaved at Redcliffe
  • 1 expansive porch where you can sit and catch a breeze
  • 1 magnolia lane, perfect for strolling through these old, magnificent magnolias
  • 1 on-site heirloom garden open during the summer and fall for you to explore
  • 3 daily house tours held each Thursday through Monday at  11am, 1pm and 3pm.
  • 1 small gift shop that gives you the chance to purchase a momento from Redcliffe Plantation
  • An assortment of programs and events on a monthly basis that explore the history of Redcliffe Plantation
  • 369 acres oozing with beauty and history