Poinsett State Park
6660 Poinsett Park RD | Wedgefield, SC 29168 | Phone: 803-494-8177 | poinsett@scprt.com

Top 5 List

On your next visit to Poinsett State Park, make sure you print and take along this list of the five things you must do at the park.

1.  Explore the history of the Civilian Conservation Corps, and take a close look at a coquina bathhouse built by the CCC in the 1930's.

2.  Feast your eyes - and nose! - on some of the most unique and diverse flora and fauna in the state parks system.

3.  Step back in time!  Visit pre-revolutionary gristmill ruins and enjoy a stay in our rustic cabins.

4.  Bring your boots or your bike and hike or pedal your way along miles of quiet trails.

5.  Take a close look at the coquina stone throughout the park.  It's proof that the ocean once covered the area!