Oconee Station  State Historic Site
500 Oconee Station RD | Walhalla, SC 29691 | Phone: 864-638-0079 | oconeestation@scprt.com

Unique Features

Station Cove Falls


  • Significant Features : The park serves as the gateway to Station Cove Falls and the botanical area at the base of the falls in Sumter National Forest.

  • Wildflowers : Wildflowers are very prevalent at Oconee Station. Large colonies of wildflowers can be seen throughout the park, and you can find some type of flowers in bloom all year long. In the winter you may see hypattica, trillium and toad shade trillium. The spring season brings may apples, dwarf iris and wild geraniums.

  • Waterfalls : You may access Station Cove Falls through Oconee Station State Historic Site. It is a 70-foot, two-tier cascading waterfall. You may also view Don's Falls and The Connector Falls from the Oconee Connector Trail.