Musgrove Mill  State Historic Site
398 State Park RD | Clinton, SC 29325 | Phone: 864-938-0100 |


British Camp Trail

Length: 1.0 miles
Type: Hiking Trial
Difficulty: Easy
Description: The British Camp Trail starts from the parking area near the park office and Visitor Center, and loops through what was once the property of the Musgrove family, which was briefly occupied by the British in the summer of 1780. Outdoor panels mark several points of interest along the trail, including the ruins of the Musgrove house, the location of  the 18th century ford that was crucial to the British in establishing a post at the Musgrove’s, and the site of the Musgrove’s grist mill on the Enoree River. Scenic views of the Enoree River are visible from this trail, and it is teeming with local wildlife year-round.  

Battlefield Trail

Length: 1.3 miles
Type: Hiking Trail
Difficulty: Easy
Description: The Battlefield Trail begins from a parking area on Horseshoe Falls Road and winds through the rolling hills of the northern wooded area of the park and site of the 1780 battlefield. To access the trail, begin at the ADA boardwalk which leads to the overlook of Horseshoe Falls.  The Battlefield Trail begins and ends at a trail head that is just beyond the overlook platform. The story of the battle of Musgrove’s Mill is interpreted by waysides along the trail.