Hamilton Branch State Park
111 Campground RD | Plum Branch, SC 29845 | Phone: 864-333-2223 | hamiltonbranch@scprt.com


Hamilton Branch Connector

Length: 0.3 miles
Type: Mountain Biking/ Hiking Trail
Difficulty: Easy 
Description: This short section of trail is just a connector to a much longer trail, the Stevens Creek Trail, which follows Stevens Creek. To get to the Stevens Creek Trail, cross US 221 and turn right onto McCormick County S­33­93. After the paving ends, turn left at the first left, which is Forest Service Road 632. Forest Service Road 632 ends at the Stevens Creek Trail.  

Paleo Hiking Trail

Length: 1.5 miles
Type: Hiking Trail
Difficulty: Easy 
Description: Enjoy the scenic view of this short hiking trail. Following the trail markers on the trees (white signs with black arrows), you will wander up and down through a thick forest of pines and hardwoods. Take a second to stop and enjoy the beautiful landscape and ravines formed over time by heavy rainfall. All through this area you may encounter a variety of birds, snakes, and other wildlife such as white tail deer, raccoon and fox squirrels. You may also be lucky enough to sight a bald eagle that nests in this area as you make your way back to the Gift Shop.

Remember to wear insect repellent in warm weather. Pets are permitted only on leashes. Restrooms and other amenities are available at the Gift Shop.