Devils Fork State Park
161 Holcombe CIR | Salem, SC 29676 | Phone: 864-944-2639 | Toll Free: 866-345-7275 |

Top 5 List

On your next visit to Devils Fork State Park, make sure you print and take along this list of the five things you must do while you're at the park!

1. Hike the Oconee Bell Trail and cast your gaze upon the rare and beautiful Oconee Bell flower in early spring.

2. Take in Laurel Fork Falls as it plunges 80 feet into the clear, blue waters of Lake Jocassee.

3. Set out to nearby Whitewater Falls,  the highest series of falls in eastern North America, featuring dramatic drops up to 200 feet.

4. Get a glimpse of the "Wall" on Lake Jocassee, famous for being blown up in the movie Deliverance.

5. Follow the Bear Cove Trail, take in scenic views of Lake Jocassee and learn about the Jocassee Valley prior to the formation of the lake.