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2017 Total Eclipse


Experience a sight unlike any other on August 21 as the 2017 total solar eclipse passes through the Palmetto State! SouthCarolina is one of just ten states where you can witness the full solar eclipse in all of its beauty and wonder.

Watch as the moon aligns with the sun and day turns into night in the Palmetto State!

South Carolina is the final state in the eclipse track, and from Clemson in the upstate, to the capital city of Columbia and its surrounding region right on down to the coast -- the last stop in America for the solar eclipse -- South Carolina will be one of the best locations to witness the eclipse on the entire East Coast!  

And we've got several state parks in the path of totality too!  Click here for a list of parks hosting eclipse events.

Parks that still have cabin/campsite/lodge room availability.  Click here to reserve!
• Hickory Knob – lodge rooms
• Andrew Jackson - campsites 
• Hamilton Branch - campsites
• Myrtle Beach - cabin & campsites
• Little Pee Dee - campsites
• Kings Mountain - campsites
• H Cooper Black - campsites - offering 50% off through Aug 31, 2017 using code HOTSUMMER50


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