Barnwell State Park
223 State Park RD | Blackville, SC 29817 | Phone: 803-284-2212 |


Dogwood Interpretive Trail

Length: 1.5 mile loop
Type: Interpretive Trail
Difficulty: Easy
Description: Though perhaps best known for its fine fishing and a popular community recreation center, Barnwell State Park also includes this easy 1.5-mile loop trail which encircles the southernmost of two lakes. Begin your hike at the park office by facing the lake. Go left (south) and hike in a clockwise direction, mainly because the dam at the lower end of the lake is much easier to cross in this direction. The Barnwell Lake Trail is a wonderful excursion, especially if you’re interested in botany. To aid you in their identification, many of the trees and shrubs have small identifying signs. In some sections the woods are very thick, featuring. yellow jessamine, wild orchids, hollies and poplars in the wet areas, and very large oaks and pines dominating the drier areas.